MD State Parks to open up more areas to pets

From the Active Dog email mailing list:
The Maryland Park Service has proposed some extensive changes to their pet policies that could potentially open up many trails and other public areas to those of us who want to enjoy these beautiful areas in the company of our dogs.
They are currently seeking public comment.  So please take a look at the new policies and let them know what you think.
Proposed policy changes:
Comment form:
(comments accepted until November 30, 2009)
In a quick review, I was especially happy to see proposed changes for the Patapsco Valley State park. We recently enjoyed a beautiful walk along the dog-friendly Grist Mill Extension trail, but because of the current pet restrictions in the park, were not allowed to park our cars inside the park to access the trail.
These changes can open up many new areas to explore.  Please tell our park service that we appreciate their efforts to give dog hikers more access to Maryland public lands.
And please share this with your friends and other pet lovers!

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