11/28/09 Dog Walking

I headed over to BARCS this morning to walk dogs for a few hours. I was really happy to see that several of the dogs I’d walked on Thursday had already been adopted, including Henne, Misty, and Coraline. There were a bunch more new “adopted” or “adoption pending” cards on the kennels, so I guess a lot of people had been in on Friday. There were lots of other volunteers there, and lots of adopters coming in and out, so it was busy but good. I played with Baby again, the little fawn colored pitbull girl, and she was just as sweet and cuddly as ever. Josie, another small pitbull girl was a little bit less shy of me this time but still unsure about the outdoors and the other barking dogs. I saw some adopters looking at Snow, the small all-white pitbull girl, so I hope she will be adopted.

Here’s a cute picture of Amiyah, who I also walked today:


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