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My debut on the BARCS website!

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Although really just my legs made it into the photos…

… but the real star is Foxy Brown! She is a wonderful sweet little dog who charmed the socks off of me and Michael this Saturday.

March Madness at BARCS — only a few days left!

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During “March Madness” at BARCS, some pets will have a $0 adoption fee! They are marked by a small picture of a basketball clipped to their cages. Normal adoption procedures apply but the regular $65 adoption fee will be waived for these animals. Baltimore city residents still pay the $10 city licensing fee.

Also this month microchips are only $20 (regularly $35). The chips are only $5 if you adopt from BARCS!

A Wednesday afternoon at BARCS 3/24/10

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I was very pleased to see 4 or 5 other dog walkers at BARCS the other afternoon. I think we managed to get just about every dog outside for a walk! Several volunteers worked on bringing dogs out to the runs so that they could run back and forth with each other through the fence while I focused on dogs that were “leash walk only.” I met some real sweethearts, and got to see one my favorites, Bingle Bug, again. One little guy, named “He Dog” was a 6 month old brown pup that was very shy of the leash and all the commotion. Once I got him outside, he just cuddled up at my side and followed me around. He was soooo cute! He doesn’t have his picture up on the BARCS website, but these guys do:

This one was named Chicken Wang. He was quite a character!

I also like this cat. So cute!

Ruff Life Rescue

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A few weeks ago I met a really sweet dog at BARCS named Ambrosia (her picture is at the top of my March 12 entry). She was very loving and seemed like she might do well with other dogs. The next time I stopped by BARCS I noticed that she wasn’t there anymore, so I hoped she had been adopted. A few days later, by chance I came across the website for a group called Ruff Life Rescue based out of Rising Sun, MD. Ambrosia had been picked up by them and is living in foster care! I contacted Ruff Life and arranged for Ambrosia to meet my dog Cocoa to see how they would get along. Unfortunately I think Cocoa may have been a bit much for little Ambro, and they just didn’t seem destined to be BFF. But it was worth a shot, and she is a really sweet little girl! She is still available from Ruff Life Rescue along with a lot of other really cute dogs! Adopting a dog from a rescue group gives you the opportunity to find out specific information about how the dog does in the home environment and how they get along with other dogs, cats, and children. Check out the available pets from Ruff Life Rescue on Petfinder here.

…Still hoping for justice for Phoenix, the pit bull burned alive last summer in Baltimore

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The charges against the Johnson twins relating to gun and drug possession were dropped this week. They are still scheduled to stand trial for animal cruelty and mutilation charges in June. See news story here

Dogs I want to bring home from BARCS right now

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I stopped by BARCS to walk some dogs on Wednesday afternoon and there were a few cuties that I really just wanted to bring home with me right then. I hope these babies get adopted fast, but I also kind of want to see them again at BARCS :-)

One other pup whose name was something funny, like Bugle Bug or something like that doesn’t have a picture on the website but I have been thinking of him a lot. He was very sweet and super thin (he weighs only 28 lbs even though he should probably be 50 or 60). He was very gentle and polite and even though his hair was falling out on his back from being so thin, the hair on his head was silky smooth. I hope to see him gain some weight and come into his own a little more. I’m thinking he is going to be a real sweetheart.

New Legislation in Maryland could prevent breed-specific bans

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Revisions are currently in the works for Maryland’s dangerous dog laws. Animal advocate groups are pushing for the inclusion of the following about limiting the state’s ability to form breed-specific bans:

Nothing contained in this article shall be construed to prevent a municipality from adopting or enforcing its own more stringent program for the control of dangerous dogs provided, however, that no such program shall ban, regulate or address dogs in a manner which is specific as to breed.

This would make Maryland the thirteenth state to pass such a law (NY, NJ, PA, VA, IL, TX, and OK already have similar legislation in place). As Best Friends puts it perfectly: “Responsible dog guardians should be allowed to own whatever breed they want.  Reckless owners should be prohibited from owning any dog.”

Animal advocates protest Michael Vick’s award last night

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Click here for news story

California pioneers the animal abuser registry

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I am all for this – similar to the sex offender registry:

Click here for article

Cross post via Dogs Deserve Better

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Watch the Video at:


Dogs Deserve Better Urges All To Stop Tolerating the Abuse of Chaining
and Join the Coalition to Pass a Tethering Law in Pennsylvania NOW

March 7, 2010, Altoona, PA — Dogs Deserve Better is asking the question they’ve asked every day for the last three House and Senate sessions:

How long, Pennsylvania? How long must chained dogs wait for a law protecting them from this abuse?

Dogs Deserve Better had heard rumors of dogs chained in the mountains off Gypsy Camp Hollow Rd. in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. An anonymous tip on the location sent them out to investigate the situation.

On the abandoned property are seven dogs, all suffering in a variety of ways: each is full of hook and whip worms, one dog cannot see, one has a cracked and bleeding tumor on his face, one little dog is matted from head to tail, and the worst one has a major protrusion in her vaginal area. One dog died during the January cold snap.

This scenario repeats itself in towns all across Pennsylvania, as dogs await passage of a new bill which would limit the chaining of dogs.

Tethering of dogs on a continual basis is cruel for many reasons, not the least of which is the danger of death in sub-zero temperatures. Because dogs are pack animals, they can become neurotic or aggressive due to lack of socialization with humans, and last year three Pennsylvania children were reported seriously injured or killed by chained or penned dogs.

The real tragedy is that the cruelty and danger caused by tethering dogs is completely avoidable through legislation. The new legislation would limit chaining in Pennsylvania, resulting is safer towns for our children and more compassionate living for Man’s Best Friend.

Dogs Deserve Better, a national nonprofit working to end the suffering of dogs kept perpetually chained or caged, is joining with organizations and individuals state-wide to form a coalition to Unchain Pennsylvania’s Dogs and get this law passed to end this abuse.

“Seeing these Tyrone dogs this weekend just blew me away,” says Tamira Ci Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better. “That this cruelty could be legal in any way, shape, or form is something I cannot even wrap my head around. Sadly, only better laws will ensure humane treatment of dogs and end continual tethering. We are asking all Pennsylvania citizens to join our coalition at Together, we have the power to pass legislation and end the cruel practice of constant tethering.”

So far four states have passed limitations on chaining: California, Texas, Connecticut, and Nevada. Hundreds of cities and counties have passed limitations or flat-out bans.

Please visit the websites at or to learn more about dog chaining, the reasons it is cruel to dogs and dangerous to humans, and to sign up for the coalition to pass a law.

Photos and video of Pennsylvania chained dogs is available by contacting Watch the video of these seven dogs at:

Dogs Deserve Better • P.O. Box 23, Tipton, PA 16684 • 814.941.7447 •

Please help us pass a law that will stop these abusers from torturing anymore dogs! Join our coalition today at Contact your local Pennsylvania State House Reps and Senators and tell them, NO MORE! The abuse stops here and now.

Find them at:

Donate to help us pass this law at or

Call local news media: 814.942.1010, 814.255.7600, 814.946.7411 e-mail them at;;

Update: Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is working on this case now that we’ve reported it. They were out there both Saturday and Sunday, March 6-7 with the police. Yesterday we went to see if the dogs were still there. They were, but there were two vehicles there and they were cleaning up some of the feces. They were screaming obscenities at me because I stopped to look at them. The abusers pulled two dogs out of there, the chihuahua and the matted white dog. The humane officer is going back out now, March 8, to force them to get vet care or give up the dogs, so he tells us.


Tell the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society to release these dogs to Dogs Deserve Better if they are relinquished so they can be rehabilitated and find new, inside, loving homes. Did you know they have not yet joined our coalition to pass a tethering law in Pennsylvania? Tell them to join the Coalition to Unchain PA Dogs, AND to work these cruelty cases and bring them to fruition. 814.943.7575.

Tell Blair County DA Richard Consiglio you expect animal cruelty cases to be tried AND convicted. 814.693.3010.