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My First Escorting Experience

Posted in Uncategorized on September 17th, 2009 by katie – Be the first to comment

I stopped by BARCS for about an hour after lab yesterday evening and got to try escorting potential adopters for the first time. I was pretty nervous after some of the stories I heard at the training but I decided I’d give it a shot on a weekday evening. I ended up escorting twice, and walked dogs in between.

The first group was an middle age/older couple and their daughter who was about my age. Sadly, they didn’t see any dogs that they were interested in, although the dad did linger for a while as though he was considering a couple dogs that I really like. I tried not to push it too much, but offered up information about the dogs and let them know that I liked them and how they handled on the leash. Still, he shook his head when I asked if he wanted to take either of them out. In the end it came out that the mom and daughter were interested in a smaller dog and I assured them that we do get small dogs a lot but they are adopted really fast, so check back often since we receive between 30 and 50 animals a day.

Next was a young woman who totally made my week. She was not there to adopt a dog, but instead wanted to give a donation specifically in the name of two dogs that she had helped rescue a few days before. Apparently she had reported on two dogs that were chained outside on a deck above her apartment 24/7. She had been tossing food up to them to try and help but they were scared and emaciated. Finally Animal Control was able to get to them and they are now at BARCS. She was told that she needed to identify the dogs for her donation, so I led her back to go through the kennels and see if we could find them. Sure enough, we found them in separate rooms looking super scared and very very skinny (both had “caution: do not touch” signs on their kennels). Not sure what will become of those poor little guys… but I was so glad that she was able to help get them out of that situation. Then on top of it, since she couldn’t adopt them, she wanted to give a donation to help them. So awesome :-)