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Four Chained Dogs Rescued in Tyrone, PA

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From Dogs Deserve Better:

September 6, 2009, Tipton, PA — The anonymous tip to Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Ci Thayne said only two things: dogs were abandoned at a property in Centre County near Tyrone, Pennsylvania, and there were at least two starved, chained shepherds on the property.

Dogs Deserve Better, who works on numerous fronts to end the suffering endured by dogs that are kept perpetually chained or penned, is currently pushing a Pennsylvania bill, HB1254, which would limit the amount of time a dog can spend chained, thereby granting dogs more of the protection that should be required by law.

Thayne, armed with camera, food, and water, journeyed to the location to assess the situation and document the neglect. She found not two but four dogs chained and neglected on the property: two seriously underweight shepherds, covered in fleas, with fly strike on their ears and lacking food and water; one blind and deaf Pomeranian in a pen with only a crate for shelter; and a chained black Lab/border collie mix.

The property appeared abandoned, over-flowing with garbage and old, broken-down vehicles but no signs of human life. Thayne thoroughly documented the dogs’ conditions and gave them food and water. That evening she posted her frustrations with getting the dogs help on her Facebook page, showing photos of the matted and filthy blind and deaf Pomeranian, and video of the female shepherd running back and forth carrying her empty food bowl—literally begging for food and water.

Thayne was contacted from those postings by the PSPCA, who acted quickly to get an officer to the property on Saturday, September 5th. Finding sufficient cause to warrant removal of the dogs, the organization obtained a warrant on Sunday, September 6th, brought a truck from Philadelphia, found the property owner, and obtained a release of all four dogs to the organization.

The dogs are being taken to the Philadelphia shelter, evaluated for health issues, and then may be released to Dogs Deserve Better’s foster program or adopted out to loving homes and families.

Thayne states, “My dream has finally come true! I am so ecstatic tonight, I feel like I just won the lottery. This is the first time in my seven years of working for America’s chained dogs that the system has worked the way it should work. An animal advocate such as myself, or any concerned neighbor or citizen, should be able to get help for a suffering animal immediately and in a way that limits the amount of continued suffering the animal must endure. Unfortunately in Pennsylvania, this has not been the case. I thought I would be facing another arrest for helping these abandoned and mistreated animals, but instead law enforcement stepped in, did their job, and did it beautifully. And on a holiday weekend, which makes it even more amazing! I am more grateful to the Pennsylvania SPCA than you can even imagine. Thank you, PSPCA, not only from my heart, but from those suffering dogs who truly deserved better!”

Video and photos of the dogs are available at or by calling 814.207.4586. Video footage is posted on You Tube, Facebook, and other internet sites.

For more information and to support Pennsylvania House Bill 1254, visit or the DDB site.

Dogs Deserve Better, a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Tipton, Pennsylvania, is the 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA Pet Protector Award. The group has 150 area reps in 38 states as well as in Canada and France. Thayne was also a Top Ten Finalist for the 2006 Animal Planet Hero of the Year Contest.


Here is the video of the Shepherd holding her food bowl, begging for food and water. What a beautiful girl; I am so glad she is in good hands now. (video)